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15 de Noviembre de 2011, 22:51:31 pm
Nombre/ Name: Björnberg
Nombre real/ Real Name: Adam Björnberg
Nacionalidad/ Nacionality: Sueco/Swedish
Fecha de Nacimiento/ Born: 09-06-1994
Pais de residencia actual: Umea (Suecia/Sweden)
Estilo/Style: Progressive House



Adam Björnberg is a young houseproducer born 1994-06-09 in Umeå,
a city in northern Sweden. He was however raised in Täby, a town
located in the outskirts of Stockholm, since he and his family
moved there when he was two years old.

His interest in music began at an early age with his mother putting
him on piano lessons when he was 5 years old after noticing he had
a good ear for music. He quit playing the piano a year later and put
the music aside until he was 11 years old and decided to start playing
the guitar.

The guitar didn’t appeal to him either as his passion for EDM grew and
as he discovered you could make your own EDM through the computer.
He has now been doing so since the age of 14 and is continuing to grow
both as a producer and DJ.


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