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11 de Noviembre de 2010, 14:38:47 pm
Aqui teneis la letra de mi nuevo tema ya a la venta, espero que os guste :)


You don´t  have to give me rings  today,
And bring me roses just to show the way,
Promise me the moon and stars,
All the diamonds you can buy,
There´s so much for me, but you can´t impress me.

Beauty words ain´t gonna prove your love,
And now please show me, what´s it gonna be,
Tell me just what i need,
I don´t wanna be alone,
Till i´m sleeping here beside you.

Loneliness i´m gonna leave you now,
I know that you give me your heart and soul.

Today, today it´s a dream away,
Today, today it´s a dream away,
A dream away

I wanna dream today..

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11 de Noviembre de 2010, 16:05:24 pm
No se puede negar que la base es tuya eh xD buen track aitor felicidades.